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Jindal to Sign Expanded Louisiana Carry Bill

Texas Law Shield and U.S. Law Shield want to advise members that the office of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has announced he will sign a bill expanding concealed carry with a permit into restaurants that serve alcohol.

This is another Southern state that is incrementally growing where our members and others can carry concealed.

The Louisiana Senate overwhelmingly approved the bill, which eliminates a long-time ban on guns in restaurants where alcohol is served.

The Senate passed the measure 37-2. It cleared the House in April with a vote of 79-19.

The law will also allow off-duty officers to carry their weapons into bars.

Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina have all passed laws to allow concealed weapons in bars in the last year. A total of 18 states have expanded access to firearms in public places, including restaurants, in the last two years, according to the Washington Post.

Does your state allow CC in restaurants that serve alcohol? Do you think most, or all, permit holders abstain from drinking when they’re carrying concealed?

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