IZ-132 Rifle Upgrades Coming This Year

Like some of our lawyers and staff, many Law Shield members also happen to be students of the gun, so when a universally recognized firearm gets an upgrade, we like to let you know. As always, Law Shield does not endorse products like the Kalashnikov-inspired IZ132, but we do like to hear about them.

The standard IZ132 rifle has a gas-operated, rotating-bolt action chambered in 7.62×39, high-impact polymer hunting butt and forend, and a 16.3-inch barrel. It will now be joined by three 922(r)-compliant upgrades for 2014-2015. The following upgrades also fit Saiga’s Model IZ240.

The IZ132 Saiga upgrade includes an improved polymer stock and handguard as well as integrated ergonomic pistol grip. The upgrade accepts traditional 30-round double-stack magazines.

The SU2 Saiga upgrade, which will be introduced in the fall, also accepts 30-round double-stack magazines while adding a Command Arms Accessories (CAA) skeletonized collapsible stock with rubber recoil pad and ergonomic extension design, a rubberized pistol grip with interchangeable back straps and finger grooves, and hand guard complete with Picatinny rails.

The SU3 Saiga upgrade includes a fully adjustable CAA stock (SRSNL) with 10-position extension adjustability, adjustable cheek piece for height and eye relief, and vertically adjustable rubberized butt pad. Its rubberized grip includes six interchangeable finger groove and backstrap inserts. Storage is also available in the grip system and secured by a snap cap. Rounding out the SU3 upgrade is a 5-Picatinny-rail system capable of handling tactical lighting, hunting, and shooting accessories. The upper-receiver dust cover can be manipulated and removed without dismantling the rail system. The SU3 is designed to accept a 30-round double-stack magazine. This model will be introduced to the marketplace in early 2015.

RWC Group LLC was established in June 2011 and began operations in January 2012 as the exclusive U.S. Importer of Izhmash Saiga rifles and shotguns. Founded in 1807, Izhmash is one of the world’s oldest firearms manufacturers and since its start has exported and supplied small arms to the Russian Army.

In 1947, Kalashnikov’s AK-47 was designed and manufactured at Izhmash. Today, Izhmash’s most popular products in the U.S. market are the Saiga rifles and shotguns, both based on the original Kalashnikov AK-47 design. In September 2013, RWC became the exclusive U.S. Importer of Concern Kalashnikov products. Currently, these product lines consist of Izhmash and Baikal rifles and shotguns. For more information about RWC, visit www.rwcgroupllc.com

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