Intuit Stops Processing Payments for Gun Companies Without Notice

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Intuit Stops Processing Payments for Firearms Companies Without Notice


A number of firearm and firearm-related businesses were cut off from their merchant services and credit card processor last week when Intuit stopped their service without warning or notice. This caused several merchants to rush to find another way to take credit and debit card payments.

This affected a number of small businesses who were left reeling after they found out the majority of businesses hit were firearms and Second Amendment related products such as coffee or pro-2A t-shirts.

In several cases, businesses learned that Intuit cut their service only after customers received refunds for merchandise and services they already received. This left many a business holding the bag for these unauthorized refunds.

A number of larger firearms wholesalers who sell only to other Federal Firearms Licensed(FFL) dealers had similar problems with Intuit claiming that it was a banking requirement that the customer be physically present to swipe their card in the store rather than allowing online ordering.

The stores selling firearms over the internet are required to ship the firearm to a local FFL who will perform a full and complete background check on the individual picking up the weapon before signing the weapon over to the buyer. This background check is the same one that is performed if the weapon was bought in the store without using any website or online dealer to purchase the weapon.


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