In Texas, Homeowner Fires On 4 Home Invasion Suspects

2015-11-25_9-58-37A homeowner fired on four would-be robbers in an alleged attempted home invasion in north Harris County, Eyewitness News reported. Law Shield directs your attention to this story to illustrate what’s advisable, and not, when you’re defending yourself, your family, and your property.

The Channel 11 report said four people posed as deliverymen and then forced their way into a home. The suspects held the residents at gunpoint while they robbed the home. Detectives say when the robbers made their getaway, the homeowner picked up his gun and opened fire.

The suspects ran out of the residence with the homeowner chasing them. He fired further on their vehicle.

Armed adversaries create a lot of room for folks to defend themselves. How far could the homeowner have gone before he started creating legal jeopardy for himself? Let us hear your thoughts below, and attend a Gun Law Seminar today to learn more about your rights and responsibilities.

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