In Pennsylvania, Shopkeeper’s Gun Beats Robber’s Knife

Law Shield would like to alert our Pennsylvania members to a situation that we hope will be ruled as a self-defense shooting in the town of Mayfair.

Brandishing a 6-inch hunting knife, a man reportedly tried to rob Stan’s Health Foods in the 7100 block of Frankford Avenue in Mayfair. The man apparently broke into the store’s cash register then put the knife to the female shopkeeper’s chest.

According to a Philadelphia Inquirer story, the shopkeeper, formerly a Philadelphia police officer and also a former Secret Service agent, drew a gun and fired a shot into the man’s chest, killing him. The shopkeeper was not injured.

Law Shield regrets that the shopkeeper had to use deadly force to defend herself, and we hope local authorities rule that the shooting was a case of legitimate self-defense and do not subject her to unnecessary legal scrutiny.

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