In Pennsylvania, Appellate Court Strikes Down Law We Used to Sue Harrisburg!

We are disappointed to report that a Pennsylvania appellate court has struck down a law designed to make it easier for organizations like U.S. Law Shield to challenge local firearms ordinances in court.

The law was what our state affiliate used to sue the City of Harrisburg. The judges said that process violated constitutional requirements that bills may not be altered to change their original purpose and must be confined to one subject.

Attorney Justin J. McShane of The McShane Firm, lead U.S. Law Shield of Pennsylvania Independent Program Attorney, brought the lawsuit which sought to force the City of Harrisburg to follow state preemption gun laws.

The Law Shield lawsuit was the first filed under the state law overturned today. The law, Act 192, expanded a longstanding general rule in the statutes that state law preempts local law for gun regulations. It also gave gun owners and gun-rights groups like U.S. Law Shield a better chance at removing unlawful municipal firearms ordinances.

Here is a link to a previous story about our suit. Also, Harrisburg recently lost a motion in which it asked for a stay of a ruling that overturned the City’s illegal gun ordinances. Click here to read about that.

Once our attorneys have had a chance to study the new ruling, we’ll advise our members in Pennsylvania and beyond about how we plan to proceed.

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