In Orlando, CWFL Holder Stops Attack

U.S. Law Shield wants to inform our members about how two bystanders — one of them an armed Florida CWFL holder— helped save a stabbing victim in Orlando last week.

Thomas Thorpe, 50, has been charged in the stabbing of an elderly man at a bus stop on Orange Avenue and 6th Street last Wednesday morning. Deputies with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the victim was on his way to play bingo at a nearby senior center.

FOX 35 in Orlando interviewed Josh Juliano, who happened to be driving to work when he saw the man being stabbed. He tried stopping the attack when another man showed up with a gun.

“The other gentleman who got out to help, had his weapon drawn. He got him to the ground; we got the knife away from him,” Juliano explained.

CWFL holder Jeffery Hopkins jumped from a car and held the alleged attacker at gunpoint until deputies could arrive.

Law Shield applauds Messrs. Juliano and Hopkins for helping the victim out, but we caution our Law Shield members that events like this aren’t always what they seem, and to be careful throughout the situation — especially once law enforcement arrives.

Arriving officers will likely know a weapon of some sort is at the scene, and they will want to secure any weapons first. Be extremely compliant and cooperative if you’re ever in a situation like this, call us if you need assistance.

To see the full video click here.

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