In NJ, Mother Will Get PTI, No Felony Rap

Law Shield was glad to see that James P. McClain, chief prosecutor for New Jersey’s Atlantic County, has relented in the case of Shaneen Allen, who had faced a three-year mandatory prison term after being pulled over on the Atlantic City Expressway for a traffic violation.

During the stop, Allen, a Pennsylvania resident, immediately told the trooper that she was carrying a legal handgun — legal in Pennsylvania, that is.

What Allen didn’t realize was that her Pennsylvania concealed-carry permit was not valid in New Jersey. So she was arrested on weapons charges and held for 40 days until she could make bail.

According to news reports, she now will receive pre-trial intervention (PTI): one year of probation, some community service and the charges dismissed after six months — and no felony charge. New Jersey’s acting attorney general had to “clarify” that the law does in fact allow Allen to be eligible for the program.

Hopefully, Ms. Allen will be able to rejoin her family and move past this incident.

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