In New York, Police Get Gun Store’s AR-15 Customer Records

U.S. Law Shield members should be aware of a records requisition made — and received — by the New York State Police for customers who purchased “bullet button” AR-15s from the Albion Gun Shop located in the town of Albion in upstate New York.

The bullet-button requires a tool to release a detachable magazine, and the device has satisfied the legal requirements in other states, such as California, to make the magazines fixed.

According to the The Niagara Falls Reporter, Albion Gun Shop owner Joseph F. Palumbo was given 24 hours to comply with a law-enforcement request to hand over customer records detailing those who had purchased an AR-15 with the bullet-button attachment. He gave them 164 records.

Palumbo said police previously had told him the guns were legal to buy and sell under the SAFE Act, pending a court challenge. But the State Police told him on Thursday those guns were illegal.

Law Shield was concerned when the SAFE Act was signed into law in January 2013 that it would be used to prosecute gun owners whose formerly legal semi-auto rifles became illegal overnight. We were worried that New York law enforcement would simply demand gun stores turn over requested 4473s and have a short list of local people to go after.

Palumbo said he didn’t really have a choice when state police said that if he didn’t comply, a SWAT team would come seize the records.


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