In New Hampshire, State Reverses Concealed-Carry Application Changes

Law Shield is pleased that New Hampshire’s Department of Safety is reissuing the state’s recently amended concealed-carry gun license application.

In August, the Department of Safety revised the application form used by local police departments and officials to issue concealed carry and loaded handgun licenses. In that revision, the department added three questions to the application.

The new questions asked:

— Whether an applicant had held a resident gun license before,

— Whether a state or federal agency had previously claimed the applicant was prohibited from possessing a firearm; or

— Whether the applicant is prohibited by federal law from possessing a firearm.

Jonathan Evans, president of the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, wrote in a post on the group’s website,

Action needed… bad changes to carry license application!

that the proposed changes appeared “without notice, and without prior solicitation of comments from the public,” and that “a bureaucrat in Concord has exceeded his statutory authority, and added new requirements to the New Hampshire pistol/revolver (concealed carry) licensing process.”

For some of our members, minor changes in forms busy people might not notice can cause a lot of trouble. So we were happy to see the department decided to remove the three new questions and reissue the form on Sept. 10 with just the original five questions.

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