In Michigan, ‘Brandishing’ May Get Definition

Law Shield was happy to see that two brandishing-definition bills, have been re-introduced in Michigan’s new legislature as HB 4160 and HB 4161 and have been passed by the house.

Jared Coyne, legislative assistant for Michigan Open Carry, Inc. said House Members Joel Johnson and Holly Hughes re-introduced a bill package to clarify the definition of brandishing to codify former Attorney General Jennifer Granholm’s legal opinion into law.

This bill package clarifies the meaning of firearms brandishing in an effort to eliminate a criminal charge from an anti-gun prosecutor for carrying a firearm. It also codifies that if a person needs to use a firearm for self defense, that person will not be subject to criminal prosecution for brandishing.

Law Shield thinks this is a common-sense clarification to Michigan law to ensure that those who lawfully use and lawfully carry firearms aren’t subject to prosecution simply for presenting their sidearms.

House Bill 4160 (2015)

House Bill 4161 (2015)

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