In Kansas, Constitutional Carry May Be Coming

Law Shield would like to inform our members that another state may soon allow people to carry concealed firearms without requiring a state permit.

Kansas Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce recently introduced a bill to end the permitting requirement.

“On Sen. Bruce’s Facebook page, he wrote, “Today [Jan. 21], I introduced legislation along with 25 of my colleagues, who represent all corners of the state and both major political parties in the Kansas Senate, to guarantee Kansans greater ability to exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Under SB 45, law-abiding citizens could carry a concealed firearm as a matter of course, rather than being contingent upon the states (sic) permitting a concealed carry permit.

“In last few legislative sessions, members of the Kansas Legislature have come together in a bi-partisan manner to craft legislation that protects Kansans’ 2nd Amendment rights. SB 45 helps ensure that law abiding Kansans are afforded every possibility to defend themselves and their loved ones from those who disregard our system of laws. I look forward to working with my colleagues as this historic piece of legislation works its way through the public process.”

He added that people could still seek concealed-carry permits if they wanted to be able to carry their weapons in other states that recognize Kansas permits. The state has issued concealed carry permits since 2007.

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