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In Indiana, NRA to Train Guardsmen

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has sought the cooperation of the National Rifle Association on teaching Indiana’s National Guard members on how to use concealed weapons.

Pence is one of 14 governors who decided to arm guardsmen after a gunman attacked two U.S. military sites in Chattanooga, killing four military personnel.

To be armed, a guardsman must have a valid conceal-carry permit and undergo training.

The NRA says it will conduct training free of charge for any guardsman who wants to carry a concealed handgun.

Law Shield believes that since guardsmen have the basics of firearms safety already under their belts, teaching them shoot/don’t shoot judgment will prepare them to repel future attacks — and also about potential criminal and civil liability should they have to use deadly force to protect themselves and others.

Also, enlisting the largest training organization for civilians and law enforcement in the country to advise guardsmen of the rules of engagement in domestic settings, which can vary state by state, makes sense.

The National Rifle Association has already begun training members of the Indiana National Guard. Photo courtesy of Charles Hiltunen, an NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol, & Shotgun Instructor/Range Safety Officer.

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