In Georgia, Gun Owner Disarmed at High Museum

Law Shield would like our members to know that a museum-goer says he found out the hard way not to bring a gun into the High Museum in Atlanta. Johnny Ariemma’s account of what happened when he did carry a handgun into the unposted museum on August 12 was covered by WXIA-TV 11. (Video News Report)

Georgia’s new laws that expand gun rights took effect on July 1. Residents may now carry firearms into bars, nightclubs, classrooms and government buildings. At the time Ariemma visited the museum, which has security personnel, there was no notification about a weapons policy on the museum’s website or grounds.

So he did nothing illegal when he walked into the museum with his wife, and with his small pistol, which he had holstered on his belt. Ariemma has a Georgia Weapons Carry License.

But museum security staff approached him, detained him, disarmed him, and escorted him to his car so he could leave his disassembled handgun and return to the museum.

The museum has now posted the following warning on its website:

Possession of weapons of any kind on the Woodruff Arts Center’s property, including the parking garage and Sifly Piazza, other exterior premises or while engaged in activities for the Arts Center in other locations, or at Arts Center sponsored events, are prohibited, unless such possession or use is a requirement of the job (e.g., law enforcement, etc). Weapons include, but are not limited to, pepper spray, tasers, guns, and knives.

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