In CT, Homeowner Thwarts Burglary Attempt

The firearms program attorneys always tell us how much they like it when the elements of a use-of-force event seem clear-cut, as in the case of an armed teenager in New London, Connecticut, who tried to burglarize a home. But homeowner Kevin Dennis stopped him.

On July 23, Kevin Dennis ran downstairs in his home to find his brother Rich, 32, and the 15-year-old suspect fighting.

After pointing his gun at the suspect, Kevin Dennis told the suspect to drop the gun he was holding. The suspect complied. Then the suspect broke down in tears and asked him to call the police because he was peer-pressured into breaking into the home.

When an armed intruder breaks into your home and fights with someone in your house, there are very few jurisdictions in which the homeowner will lose a resulting legal battle. In a situation like this, Law Shield cautions our members to make themselves safe first, then call the police, then call us using the toll-free emergency number on your membership card.

See the full video here.

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