In Connecticut, Elections Complaint Filed Against the NRA

nra_logo-white-backgroundConnecticut gun-control advocates have filed a complaint against the NRA, accusing the gun-owner’s group of violating Connecticut’s campaign-finance laws. The complaint accuses the NRA of using its federal PAC to financially support Connecticut politicians’ campaigns.

The press release about the complaint came from the anti-gun group Connecticut Against Gun Violence, but the group isn’t named in the complaint.

The letter said, “We write with concern over what we believe to be major and long-standing violations of Connecticut’s campaign finance laws by the National Rifle Association of America (hereinafter referred to as the “NRA”), the National Rifle Association of America Political Victory Fund and the NRA Political Victory Fund.”

It was signed by a member of the Rhode Island Progressive Democrats party, Samuel W. Bell, who brought a similar complaint in Rhode Island.

NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker called the filing “a baseless complaint that is nothing more than politically motivated harassment of the NRA by gun control advocates.”

This move looks like it is part of a coordinated attack on the NRA’s political power that is being raised by anti-gun groups, which regularly get thrashed by NRA at the ballot box. See other accusations about NRA political spending here, here, here, and here to decide for yourself.

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