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In California, Sheriff Gets Carry-Rules Demand Letter

Multi-State Law Shield members will be interested to hear that the Calguns Foundation sent San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon a letter demanding that he revise the Sheriff-Coroner Department’s handgun carry-license policies.

The Foundation asked that the sheriff correct its disputed policies and practices within 30 days, noting that its legal counsel is “ready and willing to assist [the sheriff]” in the efforts and that it would prefer to avoid litigation, if possible.

In reviewing recent filings for the federal civil rights lawsuit of Birdt v. San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, “it was apparent that the Sheriff has a lot of work to do” to comply with the law, said the Foundation’s Executive Director Brandon Combs.

“Once again, we see a jurisdiction’s highest law-enforcement officer thumb his nose at fundamental Constitutional rights and the California Legislature,” Combs said. “It’s sad to think that this really just boils down to the Sheriff’s blatant distrust of his own constituents and a lack of respect for fundamental civil rights.”

Law-abiding San Bernardino County residents who wish to apply for a handgun carry license may volunteer to report their experiences to Calguns here.

To read more about the Birdt lawsuit and how it could affect carry rules in California, click here.

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