In California, a Small Bit of Sanity

Law Shield is pleased to report that California State Senator Kevin de Leόn’s bill to ban the sale, manufacture, purchase, and trafficking of what he called “ghost guns” without preregistering with the U.S. Department of Justice through a serial number and background check has been vetoed.

The bill, Senate Bill 808, got all the way to California Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk, but the Democrat governor vetoed it.

“I appreciate the author’s concern’s about gun violence, but I can’t see how adding a serial number to a homemade gun would significantly advance public safety, ” Brown said.

When he introduced the bill in December 2013, Senator De Leόn said, “The threat of plastic and self-assembled firearms should not be underestimated. There is an emerging industry and market for untraceable and undetectable ghost guns.”

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