How NOT to Fire Off the New Year | New Jersey

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With New Year’s coming up, you may want to be celebrating (and I love a good New Year’s party as much as the next guy) but I want to advise you, do not involve firearms in your New Year’s celebration, unless we’re talking about going to the range during the day in a controlled manner.

But if you are at your party for New Year’s, don’t shoot your firearms off into the sky. That is not only extraordinarily dangerous, but it is also a criminal act in Jersey. You can be charged with possession for unlawful purposes, and you will face 10 years in state prison and a minimum mandatory 3 1/2 years with no chance of parole. Plus, it endangers others, because you don’t know where the rounds may end up.

Be smart and leave your guns locked away during your New Year’s celebration. New Jersey has recently legalized certain fireworks. Use fireworks in a safe and sane way, and stick to the fireworks that Jersey allows as legal, but don’t combine your firearms with fireworks. There’s no reason to do that.

You can end up in serious trouble with your guns, and that’s the last thing you want to do if you’re just looking to have some fun by lawfully enjoying fireworks and enjoying your New Year’s.

Of course, there’s also drinking. Do I really need to tell you that alcohol and guns don’t mix? Well, I’ll tell you what, they don’t mix. Do not drink and possess, handle, use, or access firearms. You are endangering yourself, you are endangering others, and if you do something dumb when you’re drunk, it is not going to be an excuse.

You are going to face serious, not only criminal penalties, but also think of the folks that you may end up injuring, hurting, or harming, and their friends and their family. So, guns and drinking are a big no. Keep your guns safe and be safe during your celebrations.

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