Guns and School Zones: What You Need to Know | New Jersey

The following is a video transcript.

In New Jersey, possession of a firearm or even an imitation firearm is strictly prohibited in school buildings and on school grounds. It doesn’t matter in New Jersey, under the law, if you have a license to carry or not. Even if you had one of those rare carry licenses, you’re still prohibited from being on school property, on school grounds, or in a school building with a firearm.

The only exception is if you have written permission to have a firearm from the superintendent (the head of that school). If you don’t have written permission, you cannot be there with a firearm.

You cannot have a firearm in your vehicle on the school property. I’m talking even a rifle or shotgun, even an unloaded rifle or shotgun in a case, and even if you have a firearms ID card. It doesn’t matter. Possession of firearms or even imitation firearms on school grounds—this includes everything from elementary schools, grade schools, colleges, universities, and even any type of educational institution—is prohibited.

Be very careful in New Jersey. Do not possess a firearm or an imitation firearm in a school, on school grounds, or on school property in any way, shape, or manner—even with a license—unless you have first gotten written permission from the head of that school or institution.

Beware. New Jersey is very strict on their gun laws, and school property is a great concern. Take heed and don’t go anywhere near a school with a gun.

If you have any further questions about possession of firearms in schools or on school grounds under New Jersey law, feel free to call U.S. LawShield and ask to speak to your Independent Program Attorney.

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