Gun News: Dog Beat Down, Hillary, Aguila, Stern, Saints, Church Carry

Here are some headlines from around the country regarding gun use, gun rights, gun products, and the gun-owning community Law Shield members belong to. This time: Defending your animals from humans; Hillary’s Three Pinocchios; Aguila Ammunition branches out; Howard Stern defends the right to keep and bear arms (a bunch of them); Saints coach says he hates guns; and a Mississippi incident makes us ask, “Do you carry at church?”

Dog-beater-1000x460Bark, But Don’t Bite! Defending Your Animals from Human Threats. That’s the title of an item over at Texas Law Shield that’s worth looking at regardless of your home state. When a CenterPoint Energy employee in Texas was caught on video attacking a homeowner’s dogs with a wrench, almost everyone agreed that this was a cruel and violent act. But a question still lingered—what, if anything, could the homeowner have done in the moment? Click the link above to read the entire legal summary — and then go to a seminar and ask Law Shield attorneys what your rights are in your state.

clinton-three-pinocchiosThe Washington Post Fact Checker wavered between Two and Three Pinocchios when considering Hillary Clinton’s recent claims that Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ home state of Vermont was the main source of guns used in New York State crimes. “Clinton has carefully crafted her talking point to find the particular government data that support her point,” the Fact Checker blog said, “which gives a wildly different view than how trafficking flows are tracked. We do not find the per capita measure as a fair assessment of gun flows from Vermont into New York. The difference between this point using per capita calculation and the raw number (1 percent of crime guns with source states identified in 2014 came from Vermont) is so stark that it creates a significantly misleading impression to the public. Those factors tip to Three Pinocchios.”

Aguila-22-short-high-velocityMexico’s largest ammunition company, Aguila, has expanded into the U.S. market and started appearing more and more frequently on store shelves, there are a growing number of American shooters who are becoming fans of the brand. There is a general belief, though, that Aguila is a new company, and that’s not true. In fact, Aguila began producing ammunition in the 1960s in Cuernavaca, taking over operations at what had once been the Remington facility in town. When Remington pulled up stakes and moved out of Cuernavaca they left behind the goods needed to produce ammo, and that’s where Aquila stepped in. Today the brand has upgraded their facilities to utilize modern equipment and currently employs 1,200 people in the Cuernavaca facility.

Radio Shock Jock Howard Stern proved he’s a Second Amendment supporter when he defended gun rights to his longtime producer Gary Dell’Abate. Dell’Abate called for a limit on the number of guns a person should own as well as the amount of ammunition. Listen to Stern’s comeback in the video below:

new orleans saints logoAfter Saints former defensive end Will Smith was killed and Smith’s wife, Racquel, was wounded in a shooting after a traffic accident, New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton said that his philosophy on gun ownership is simple: “I’ve heard people argue that everybody needs a gun,” he said. “That’s madness. I know there are many kids who grow up in a hunting environment. I get that. But there are places, like England, where even the cops don’t have guns.” He added, “I hate guns.”

Church_BuildingAs Mississippi legislators debate whether or not “armed security” should be allowed in churches, a man was arrested outside of a church in a car packed with explosives and guns. Do you carry at church?




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