The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, a California based gun-control advocacy group, issued Texas an “F” for it gun laws in an August 14, 2015 posting on its website.

You can read the entire article here:

The group looked at the laws Texas has in place regarding the sale or transfer of firearms or ammunition as well as possession and graded the State on what it believes the laws should be from their own biased agenda’s viewpoint. In particular, Texas law does not:

  • Require a background check for private sales between unlicensed individuals;
  • Require a separate state license in addition to the federal license for firearms dealers;
  • Require gun owners to register their firearms or to have a license to own firearms, or to report lost or stolen firearms;
  • Regulate the transfer or possession of what it calls “assault weapons” or 50 caliber firearms, or high capacity magazines;
  • Restrict multiple firearms purchases at one time by an individual;
  • Regulate unsafe or junk handguns, (guns that do not meet the group’s own design safety standards);
  • Set a minimum age or require a license to purchase ammunition;
  • Require the seller of ammunition to have a license or to record information about the purchaser;
  • Allow local governments to regulate firearms; or
  • Give local law enforcement the ability to deny an individual’s application for a concealed carry license.

Perhaps that “F” represents “Fine.” What do you think?

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