Guam One Step Closer to ‘Shall Issue’

The U.S. territory of Guam has aligned itself with a recent 9th Circuit opinion striking down concealed carry laws that required a good cause showing for license issuance.

Guam’s “may issue” law gives the police chief the authority to approve concealed firearms applications at his discretion on a showing of “exceptional cause” for a Guam Firearm ID card that allows for concealed carry. While Bill 296 does not do away with this process entirely, applicants would have an additional method for receiving an ID card that allows for concealed carry in addition to showing “exceptional cause”.

Just-passed (but as of this article, unsigned by the Governor) Bill 296 would require the Guam Police Department to issue concealed firearms permits to applicants who have shown they meet the eligibility requirements, which include amongst other requirements, that they are not a convicted felon, they have not been imprisoned, and they have not been committed to programs for substance abuse.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals declared in California in February and Hawaii in March, “good cause” concealed license requirements impermissibly infringed on the 2nd Amendment.

Bill 296 will go to the governor for his signature and he can either sign it into law, veto it or let it lapse into law.

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