Great U.S. Member Perks To Use Today!

Hi, U.S. Law Shield Members: We wanted to let you know about some fantastic deals you are eligible for through our 2A Member Perks program, including deep discounts on training courses, accessories, range time—and in some cases, free stuff.

For instance, American Heritage Gun Range in McDonough, Georgia, offers Members free gun rentals and free “eyes and ears” under our Perks program. Everyone has a firearm they’ve always wanted to shoot, either as a tryout for a potential purchase or as an experience to say they’ve done it. For example, you may be a 1911 devotee, but you are curious about what a Glock handles like when you shoot them side by side. Under the American Heritage Gun Range free rental Perk for U.S. Law Shield Members, you can do a hands-on test yourself and find out what all the fuss is about—for free! And if you forget your shooting glasses and hearing protection, they’ll provide those as well—also for free! Hard to beat that price.

Click here to access the U.S. Member Perks page, then log in. Once you’re in the Member Portal, the page will show you all the deals we’ve arranged for you. You can look for the companies below in the search window, or click on each company’s card to get the promo codes for the offers and discounts. —by Germaine Baur, Brand Ambassador for Texas & U.S. Law Shield


U.S. Law Shield Member Perks Page

Allstate Training Academy, 1780 W. 38th Pl., Hialeah, Florida, 33012: 25% off Pistol Training Courses.
Alpha Omega Combatives, 3503 N. Federal Hwy., Jensen Beach, Florida, 34957: 10% off All Classes, Group or Private.
Altamont Company, 901 N. Church St., Thomasboro, Illinois, 61878: 10% off Retail Price Grips and Accessories.
American Armory & Tactical, Norman, Oklahoma, 73069: $3 off Range Time and 5% off Accessories.
American Heritage Gun Range, 775 Highway 42 North, McDonough, Georgia, 30253: free gun rentals and free “eyes and ears.”

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