Great Member Perks To Use Today!

Hi, Texas Law Shield Members: We wanted to let you know about some fantastic deals you are eligible for through our 2A Member Perks program, including discounts on real-estate marketing advice, training opportunities, discounted range fees, and discounts on FFL transfers.

For instance, American Firearms in El Paso offers a bargain rate for transferring firearms—only $15. Many such fees can run $25 to $35 dollars and higher, depending on the retailer. But as a Texas Law Shield Member, you buy firearms online and have them shipped to American Firearms and pick them up there, and get your NICS background check and legal and necessary 4473 paperwork done for not a lot of money.

Click here to access the Texas Member Perks page, then log in. Once you’re in the Member Portal, the page will show you all the Texas deals we’ve arranged for you. You can look for the companies below in the search window, or click on each company’s card to get the promo codes for the offers and discounts.  —by Germaine Baur, Brand Ambassador for Texas & U.S. Law Shield


Alinea: The Real Estate Boutique-FREE Marketing Analysis of your property

American Firearms: $15 FFL Transfers

America Sportsman Shooting Center: 20% OFF Shooting Experiences

Apache Rifle Works: $20 Range Fees for Members

Armadillo Guns: $20 off a Personal Gun Training Class Range included, $10 off FFL Transfers,  $20 off an Annual Membership, and $15 Lane Rentals per visit for TLS Members.

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