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Meet Colorado Independent Program Attorney: Doug Richards

My name is Doug Richards and I’m a criminal defense attorney in Denver, Colorado. I got into criminal law totally by accident. I was starting my second year of law school and a friend of mine was working at the District Attorney’s office with a paid internship, but didn’t have enough time to work. So, he asked me if I wanted the job and I said, “Sure, why not?” I didn’t really know much about criminal law at the time, except what I’d learned from taking a criminal law class in my first year of law school. And I just fell in love with it. I was just completely enamored with everything related to the courtroom and the entire process.

I began my career as a prosecutor at the Harris County District Attorney’s office in Houston, Texas. When I was a state prosecutor, I prosecuted a whole gamut of crimes. I did everything from small DUI cases, to drug possession, all the way up to murder, and sexual assaults. When I left the DA’s office in 2008, I went to the United States Attorney’s office in Del Rio, Texas. There I prosecuted public corruption cases, immigration-related crimes, gun crimes, drug crimes, crimes involving national security, and anything that came under the scope of the United States Code.

In 2010 I moved to Denver, Colorado and switched sides. No longer was I prosecuting people, but I was defending them. I really enjoy helping people one at a time, because when I was prosecuting, I was representing the public, but I was representing the public, as a whole, at the same time. In this new position, I had the honor and privilege of representing the public one person at a time. It’s amazing what injustices are out there. Especially when it comes to firearm related crimes. It’s crazy how quickly police officers and prosecutors can jump to negative conclusions. Determinations are made related to prosecution or even charging decisions way before the prosecution has been initiated. Sometimes, those choices come based upon somebody’s decision to carry a firearm to protect themselves.

It’s something that never sat right with me…

I believe strongly in people’s ability to defend themselves and defend others. Citizens should have the right to feel comfortable and to carry a firearm. Whether they need the firearm to feel comfortable or just because it’s their Second Amendment right, I will go to bat for them. I will go to bat for anybody and I’ll be in their corner no matter what.

Whenever I meet a U.S. LawShield member and they ask me for firearm advice, I always tell them that while the Second Amendment gives them the privilege to carry a firearm, that is the least important constitutional amendment should they decide to use their firearm to defend themselves or another person. The 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments are much more important. Our state statutes on self-defense and castle doctrine are also key. So, it’s much more important you understand those nuances of the law versus the Second Amendment.

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