Georgia: Three Pro-Self-Defense Bills Moving


The Georgia House of Representatives recently passed three self-defense bills, including one that would let college students carry weapons on campus to defend themselves against active shooters or other criminals.

They are:

  1. House Bill 280, sponsored by State Rep. Mandi Ballinger, R-Canton.
  2. House Bill 292, sponsored by State Rep. Rick Jasperse, R-Jasper.
  3. House Bill 406 sponsored by State Rep. Alan Powell, R-Hartwell.

The Georgia State Senate is now considering the three bills.

U.S. Law Shield of Georgia Independent Program Attorney Matt Kilgo explained that House Bill 280 is a campus-carry measure.

“It would amend Georgia law to let weapons license holders be armed while on the campuses of colleges, universities, or other postsecondary education institutions, such as technical training schools,” Kilgo said. “It would also allow licensees to be armed in buildings leased by the colleges or training schools.”

Georgia State Rep. Mandi Ballinger

Kilgo pointed out that Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed a similar bill last year.

House Bill 292, Kilgo noted, would make several adjustments to Georgia’s self-defense laws.

He said, “If approved, it will shield firearms instructors from being sued if a former student causes injuries with a gun, either carelessly or illegally.”

It would also prevent probate judges from suspending or hindering the approval process for weapon licenses and facilitate and simplify reciprocity agreements with other states, he said.

“House Bill 406 is a reciprocity bill, but specifically extends it to concealed-handgun permit holders from Virginia,” Kilgo said.

Virginia’s attorney general took steps in 2015 to change that state’s reciprocity agreements with several other states, and reciprocity agreements are still being patched up. — Bill Miller, Contributor, Texas & U.S. Law Shield blog

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