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Gear Spotlight: Everyday Carry with NexBelt

When it comes to everyday carry, people tend to focus on the gun and holster and often overlook what supports these items; their belt. A normal belt is not rigid enough to offset the force of your draw stroke, causing your holster to rise up on your waistline with the gun as you draw.

This also presents problems when holstering your weapon by causing your holster to sag, slide down, or slip, which could result in an accidental discharge. Along with structural rigidity, you need to consider the type of buckle for the belt. A pin buckle can be very secure, but it can’t be precisely fitted. The pin itself may eventually wear out the belt and pinholes, requiring the entire belt to be replaced. A D-ring or a loop belt allows for a precise fit, but it’s usually less rigid. A ratchet system, such as those built into Nexbelt’s line of belts, presents an excellent solution as it can be precisely fitted, and it won’t wear out the face of the belt over time. Finally, you need to consider how your everyday carry belt will fit in with your everyday attire. Many functional carry belts have a tactical look. While they are typically well-made, they won’t work for those looking for a more traditional-looking belt. If you’re serious about carrying every day, you might want a carry belt for every occasion.

Nexbelt offers interchangeable buckles to tailor your belt style to your outfit.

You don’t want to invest your hard-earned money in a holster or carry belt until you’ve made sure it complies with your state’s laws.

If you are unsure, call U.S. LawShield and ask to speak to an Independent Program Attorney for more information about legal belts and holsters in your state.

Stay tuned for future videos where we explore other critical items to consider for your everyday carry.

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