Franklin Armory Ships AR-Style 17 WSM

Franklin Armory, the Morgan Hill, Calif.–based builder of modern sporting rifles, recently began shipping the company’s F 17-L rifle chambered in .17 Winchester Super Magnum.

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Because the .17 WSM is a rimfire cartridge, it is not classified as an “Assault Rifle” in most states. In California, the F17-L is distributed with a standard magazine release button. Connecticut law would also appear to exempt semiautomatic rimfire rifles, such as the F 17-L, from its “Assault Weapons” ban as well.

Of course, you must consult laws in these states to be sure.

The Franklin Armory F 17-L platform is based on a traditional modern sporting rifle with a few key distinctions. The rifle’s buffer was custom made to match the lighter recoil and shorter stroke length of the .17 WSM. The addition of a new gas-piston system, developed in partnership with Osprey Defense, adds increased reliability and decreases cleaning requirements.

The patent-pending bolt-carrier group is based on the original Eugene Stoner design of a rotating locking bolt, but is cut differently to facilitate the custom sized magazine feed lips and the pistol-length gas piston system. The carrier is also notched to have a fully functional forward assist.

The free-float tripod-mountable handguard has provisions for installing a bipod stud and Magpul M-LOK accessories.

The F 17-L features a custom designed gas piston system with a rotating locking bolt that is very similar to the original Eugene Stoner design. The gas piston action is far safer and more reliable than the traditional blow back designs because the 17 WSM produces 33,000 PSI. In fact, the velocity of the 20-grain 17 WSM load is comparable to the XM855 round for the 5.56 NATO.

Other specifications include a 20-inch full-contour barrel with 11-degree target crown and recessed muzzle. The barrel has a 1:9-inch twist rate.

MSRP is $2000.

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