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Former Judge Gets 18 Months for Selling Firearms

Former Williamson County Court-at-Law Judge Timothy Wright, 70, has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for illegally selling guns and lying to investigators. Wright also was fined $15,000.

He had faced a possible penalty of up to 60 months in federal prison for dealing firearms without a license and for making false statements to a government agent, including creating false paperwork to cover his tracks.

In recent years, the judge was a regular at gun shows, operating under the name of his side business: Gun Addicts.

In court documents, prosecutors said that Wright sold more than 60 firearms without a federal license since June 2014. He also sold firearms to felons, who are barred from possessing guns. Some of the guns were sold to two people who were smuggling the firearms across the Texas border into Mexico.

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