Florida: Bills Would Curtail State’s Gun-Free Zones


Two bills recently filed in the Florida Legislature would remove many restrictions on where gun owners can legally carry concealed firearms, effectively doing away with many gun-free zones in the state.

State Sen. Dennis Baxley filed Senate Bill 908 and Rep. Don Hahnfeldt filed House Bill 803 for this legislative session, and those bills would eliminate many restricted places where licensees can’t currently carry.

Some of the currently restricted places that would be opened to licensed carry would include:

police sheriff and highway patrol stations; courthouses and courtrooms; jails and prisons; airport passenger terminals; polling places; government and legislative meetings; public K-12 schools; public college and university campuses; school, college and professional athletic events; career centers, bars and other establishments that serve alcohol.

“If these bills are passed and become law in Florida, they would substantially expand places where CWFL holders legally have the right to bear arms and would be much better for the law-abiding citizen,” said U.S. Law Shield of Florida Independent Program Attorney David S. Katz, noting that “gun-free zones are easy places for criminals to target because they can safely assume that no one can fight back.”

U.S. Law Shield of Florida will keep Members informed as these bills advance in the legislature. — Texas & U.S. Law Shield Staff


Here is some of the mark-up on SB 908 bill that would change some of the state’s restricted places to carry if the measure becomes law.

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