Fill Out A Legal Emergency Plan Today—It’s Free!


U.S. Law Shield members should take a look at a free service we offer that could be your lifeline when you’re caught up in the legal system.

The Legal Emergency Plan was created after seeing even the most-trained law-abiding members being isolated and unable to access the help they need during a stressful event.

Remember, if you are ever in police custody or jail, you won’t have your smart phone with all your contacts handy. You won’t have access to the internet. You will be cut off.

The U.S. Law Shield Legal Emergency Plan offers you the unique and completely private ability to tell your program attorneys vital information about you before there is a legal emergency.

Your Legal Emergency Plan could allow your program attorneys to help you when you can’t help yourself. Let them know how to communicate with loved ones, facilitate bail, handle work obligations, and so on if you are ever ensnared in the legal system and can’t do it yourself.

To take advantage of this valuable free service, go to the Member Portal to access your Legal Emergency Plan. It should take about 3 minutes to fill out the form.

All plan information is transmitted to a secure server which only program attorneys have access to. Your plan and information will not be viewed until there is a legal emergency and will never be used for marketing or given to third parties. Best of all, it’s free with your membership.

If you have trouble entering the Member Portal, call us at 855-478-6607 and we’ll help you get your plan set up.

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