FBI Stats Are In: Crime in the U.S. Fell Again in 2014

The FBI recently released the 2014 edition of Crime in the United States, and it revealed that the estimated number of reported violent crimes decreased 0.2 percent when compared with 2013.

Homicides with firearms in 2014 were down 3.9 percent on a year-over-year basis. Consistent with previous years of this ongoing work, the vast majority of these murders were committed with handguns, although all categories of gun murders were lower. Rifles of all kinds were involved in just 3 percent of gun murders in 2014, lower than the number of deaths attributable to knives, blunt objects, and even fists or feet.

The one-year numbers continue to illustrate the long-term, 20-year downward trend in crime in the United States.

Stephen Sanetti, President & CEO of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), said, “Using NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System data over a ten-year period since 2005 — the best proxy we have for firearms sales — we see a 74.1 percent increase in background checks, even as violent crime fell 16.2 percent. The 15-year trend is even more dramatic, showing an 81.8 percent increase in NICS numbers even as violent crime fell 18.2 percent.”

Law Shield wants our members to be informed about this trend because the mainstream media doesn’t report these facts. In fact, major media outlets give the gun-control lobby considerable attention when gun-banners says there is an “epidemic of gun violence” going on. The facts prove this anti-gun narrative is wrong.

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