Faxon Firearms Introduces Two New Magazine Marker Bands

Law Shield members who own similarly-sized and -shaped magazines for modern sporting rifles should take a look at Faxon Firearms’ Magazine Marker Bands. The Magazine Marker Bands are used to easily identify which magazine is holding which ammunition sizes.

The bands can be purchased in 5.56/.223, 300 BLK or 7.62×39. Each pack is color coded in either red (300 BLK), blue (5.56/.223) or yellow (7.62×39). There are 10 bands per package, and the packages list for $9.99 each.

Nathan Schueth, director of operations for Faxon Firearms, said, “We decided to make these bands part of our regular product offering, and the response has been tremendous. They are an inexpensive way to streamline your magazine storage and keep multiple-caliber platforms organized.”

Faxon Firearms also makes the ARAK-21, an AK-style long-stroke gas-piston-actuated, self-contained upper receiver assembly that fits a standard AR-15 lower.

As always, Law Shield doesn’t endorse products, but we do want to let members know about new products or services of potential interest.

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