Facility Spotlight: Shooters of Columbus

Local 2A-friendly facilities are the lifeblood of our program and our communities. These businesses and organizations provide a unique opportunity for us to meet and get to know our U.S. LawShield member family in a welcoming, responsible, gun-friendly environment. This week, we’re taking a look at Shooters of Columbus and what they can offer you as a local 2A leader in your community.

Shooters of Columbus
4527 Milgen Rd.
Columbus, GA 31907

No Easy Way to be Free

Shooters of Columbus has served the Columbus and Fort Benning area since 1995. Get the peace of mind you need with the ability and knowledge to defend yourself if you ever need to at Shooters of Columbus.

Shooters of Columbus offers an indoor 18-lane range. You can shoot handgun calibers and shotguns. Rifles chambered in typical pistol calibers and rimfire calibers are all allowed.

Women and the Shooters of Columbus

Shooters is U.S. Army Veteran and woman owned. As such, it is a proud chapter of The Well Armed Woman. As a TWAW Shooting Chapter, women can meet monthly to practice, learn, and grow as shooters. TWAW’s goal is to expand the world of firearms to women all over the country in a safe way by educating and equipping woman shooters.

The Gun Shop

Shooters of Columbus is a class III dealer. They carry many different types of rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, military surplus rifles, and blue label Glocks. Do you know what you want to buy, but don’t have the funds for it yet? Shooters of Columbus also offers layaways for 20% down and 90 days to pay it off. Consider getting your next firearm at Shooters of Columbus.

Supporting businesses like Shooters of Columbus helps promote the rights of responsible gun owners across your community. For more information about Shooters of Columbus, make sure to give them a call at 706-568-9313 or visit their website at https://shootersofcolumbus.com.

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