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Facility Spotlight: Hot Shot Shooting Range

Hot Shot Shooting Range

Local 2A-friendly facilities are the lifeblood of our program and our communities. These businesses and organizations provide a unique opportunity for us to meet and get to know our U.S. LawShield member family in a welcoming, responsible, gun-friendly environment. This week we’re taking a look at Hot Shot Shooting Range and what they can offer you as a local 2A leader in your community.

Hot Shot Shooting Range
1873 N. Nova Road
Holly Hill, FL 32117

Hot Shot Shooting Range has been in business for over 20 years. Wanting to serve the public and Floridians like you, they were the first public access indoor range in the Daytona Beach area.

Indoor Shooting Range

Hot Shot’s shooting range is 25 yards deep and is air conditioned for your comfort. Take a break from the Florida heat by visiting the only public range in Volusia County that allows the usage of 12ga shotguns, by using Hot Shot’s frangible ammunition.

Rental Program

Hot Shot Shooting Range offers over 60 gun rentals ranging from .22LR to .45ACP. You can also use Hot Shot’s ammunition in your rental firearms. With adult supervision, 10-year-olds and older are welcome to join you at the range.

Firearm Simulator

Hot Shot Shooting Range has a new law enforcement grade, real-life training simulator. This competition shooting course offers over 100 real-life scenarios and can handle up to 6 people at a time.

Strong Second Amendment Supporter with a Family Feel

Hot Shot has a professional yet personal mom-and-pop feel. Visit Hot Shot Shooting Range and see the difference in customer service yourself.

Supporting businesses like Hot Shot Shooting Range helps promote the rights of responsible gun owners across your community. For more information about Hot Shot Shooting Range, make sure to give them a call at 386-677-1195 or visit their website at

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