Facility Spotlight: Firearms Solutions

Firearms Solutions

Local 2A-friendly facilities are the lifeblood of our program and our communities. These businesses and organizations provide a unique opportunity for us to meet and get to know our U.S. LawShield member family in a welcoming, responsible, gun-friendly environment. This week we’re taking a look at Firearms Solutions in Duncan, OK and what they can offer you as a local 2A leader in your community.

Firearms Solutions
21007 East HWY 7
Duncan, OK 73533

Facility owner Keith opened Firearms Solutions in 2008, before retiring as a law enforcement officer in 2016. Firearms Solutions quickly set the bar for handgun carry permit training in the area. Training became the Firearms Solutions cornerstone as Keith and his wife, Taryn, expanded.

As Taryn started training, more and more women became interested in protecting themselves, prompting her to found the local chapter of “The Well Armed Woman,” a national organization dedicated to being the complete resource for female gun owners. She is also a competitive shooter and encourages women to train and compete as well.


Shooting Courses for Every Level

From the greenest of the green to those looking for more of a challenge, Firearms Solutions offers shooting courses for every kind of shooter, from Beginner’s level to Advanced Shooting.

Simunitions Shoothouse On-Site

Looking for a challenge? This facility offers an on-site Simunitions Shoothouse for the very best in force on force training in real-life scenarios, so you can hone your skills to a razor sharp edge.

Specialized Classes for Women

As more and more women become responsible gun owners, there is more demand for classes catering to their needs. Firearms Solutions is proud to offer Shooting Classes designed for women of all levels and experience.

Certified Professionals On-Site

Firearms Solutions is proud to have CLEET, ALICE, and NRA Certified Instructors and Law Enforcement Instructors on-site to provide you with support and invaluable knowledge to make you a more responsible gun owner.

Special Instructors Available

On-site instructors include TWO members with military and law enforcement backgrounds that ensure you are getting the best strategies, techniques and advice available.

Supporting businesses like Firearms Solutions helps promote the rights of responsible gun owners across your community. For more information about Firearms Solutions make sure to give them a call at 580-470-9508 or visit their website at www.firearmssolutions.net.

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