Everytown’s Ooops

One of the unsavory things Law Shield has to do is monitor anti-gun groups’ messaging so we can keep our members informed about threats to legal and safe gun ownership. One such group is former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety.

Inadvertently, Everytown makes a pro-gun point in a recent video, as Katie Pavlich, news editor at Townhall.com writes:

“What happens when a domestic abuser disobeys firearms laws already on the books and gets a gun illegally (as most criminals do)?”, she writes. “As the video makes clear, there was a restraining order against the husband [in the video], which he violated. What are women supposed to do when violent attackers disobey the laws? I happen to believe that a piece of paper and a false assurance police will show up on time aren’t good enough.”

Law Shield is able to imagine a vastly different outcome if a violent ex-husband of one of our members were to crash in a door, as shown in the video. In a circumstance as depicted in the video, our member would almost certainly be justified in employing deadly force to stop the threat to herself and her child.

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