Denver: Gun-Mounted Flashlights Linked to Accidental Shootings

A Denver Post article raises a safety question we think is worth pointing out to Law Shield members:

Denver’s police chief banned the use of tactical flashlights with switches below the trigger guard after two officers accidentally fired their guns last year, the paper reported.

One of the officers may have shot a suspect when his finger slipped from the flashlight switch to the trigger, firing a bullet into a car window of the fleeing driver.

Other large Colorado police and sheriff’s departments contacted by The Post said they have recorded no flashlight-related accidental gunshots. But many have imposed restrictions similar to Denver’s.

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Do you use a light on your handgun rail? Is the switch under the trigger guard? Do you think using a light affixed to a pistol violates a prime gun-safety rule: Don’t point the gun at something you don’t intend to shoot?

Photo of Streamlight TLR-1/TLR-2 S&W M&P Full Size Contoured Remote Pressure Switch Black 69310 courtesy of Cheaper Than Dirt.

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