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DC Weighs TRO Gun Confiscation

Because our lawyers take civil rights seriously, Law Shield wants to alert our members about a District of Columbia councilmember who wants to “temporarily” confiscate guns from their owners without due process.

D.C. Councilmember Mary Cheh’s bill would take guns away from people who have temporary restraining orders against them. TROs are common in domestic-abuse situations, but also in many acrimonious divorce actions. Similar laws already exist in Massachusetts and California.

Cheh’s proposal would take guns first and ask questions later, before a registered gun owner has a chance to defend himself against an accusation of violence in court.

According to Emily Miller, FOX 5 chief investigative reporter, Cheh said, “It seems to me the balance of equity weighs in favor of getting the gun first — for a short period of time — and then sorting it out later.”

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