Confident Member Stops a Criminal Without a Shot

“This event occurred in Texas. The laws vary from state to state so please check with your Independent Program Attorney or attend a gun law seminar in your state on the use of deadly force in similar situations.”

Sherry Hale, Member Ambassador:

Welcome Members and fellow gun owners. Picture this with me:

The grocery store you visit down the street from your house.

The park where you take your kids to play.

The gas station you always fill up with because they have the best prices.

We all have our normal routines, but all it takes is one criminal to disrupt that routine and take us out of our comfort zone. Are you prepared? Our member Tyler was and I got to personally interview him and get a first-hand experience of what happened.

Tyler: It was definitely extremely random to happen, but it did happen.

Sherry: Our member Tyler showed me exactly where he was forced to draw his firearm when he saw someone trying to steal his car. Tyler was at a gas station and paying for his water when he noticed the light to his car was on.

Tyler: So, at that point I unholstered my gun, I told the clerk to call the police and I stormed outside.

Sherry: The criminal would not listen to Tyler with a gun pointed at him so Tyler thought what any of us would.

Tyler: I was drawn on him the whole time, ya know. He wouldn’t listen. I just told him to keep your hands still. He wouldn’t listen. I really sincerely thought I was going to have to shoot him.

Sherry: Did you ever think about being a Texas Lawshield member whenever all this was unfolding?

Tyler: Absolutely, being a Texas Lawshield member that was going to be my next call after the police after I actually shot this guy if I had to.

Sherry: Tyler didn’t think this would happen to him but it did. The truth is this could happen to any one of us. Tyler told me that even in this frightening situation he remained calm and confident, that he knew what to do, and more importantly that Texas and US Lawshield would have his back.

Tyler gained his confidence by being armed with knowledge by reading our member exclusive newsletters. Follow us on Facebook to ensure that you are up to date on the latest laws. Remember, criminals never take a vacation. Be armed. Stay educated. And get protected with U.S. Law Shield.


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