Coming Soon: New Glock Carry Options

Law Shield staffers who attended the 2014 SHOT Show in January were impressed with several new self-defense carry guns that should be available shortly. For super-discreet carry, Glock’s new compact .380 ACP Model 42 caught our eye. For full-size-sidearm fans, the new Glock 41 Gen4 .45 ACP will be worth renting and shooting alongside your favorite 1911 or SIG P220.

Glock’s new G42 .380 ACP is the smallest pistol Glock has ever made. According to specifications provided by SHOT Daily, a trade newspaper published at SHOT Show, the compact .380 pistol weighs in at 12.35 ounces empty. Overall length is 5.94 inches; barrel length is 3.25 inches. It features the standard 5.62-pound trigger module, polymer sights, and a six-round magazine capacity.

Law Shield carries no brief for Glock or any other manufacturer, so we must point out that the G42 is entering a crowded and well-developed pocket-pistol arena. Proven alternatives include the Ruger LCP (5.16 inches overall length; barrel length 2.75 inches; unloaded weight 9.4 ounces) and the Kel-Tec PF-9 (OAL 5.85 inches, barrel length 3.1 inches, unloaded weight 12.7 ounces), to name just a couple.

Glock’s new Gen4 Tactical .45 ACP is built with a G34 slide width on a G21 Gen4 frame, and at 24 ounces empty weight, it is 1.5 ounces lighter than the G21 Gen4. The G41 Gen4 features a 5.31-inch barrel, has a sight radius of 7.56 inches (polymer sights), and is 1.28 inches wide. The standard trigger is the 5.62-pound module, and the double-stack magazine holds 13 rounds. It features all of the standard Gen4 features, including the Modular Back Strap design, rough-textured frame surface, and dual-recoil-spring assembly. Overall length is 8.90 inches. Height is 5.47 inches with the magazine inserted.

To see how these new Glocks might fit into your own protection plans, we encourage you to contact a Law Shield-affiliated range or store in your area and go test them out for yourself.

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