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Come and Take It!

At Texas Law Shield, we note that the Battle of Gonzales occurred 180 years ago today, October 2. It’s important to us because we believe in the same things as the early “Texians” (as they were called back then) — the desire for self-government, individual liberty, the frontier necessity of self-defense, and the rule of law.

In the small town of Gonzales in 1835, Texas militiamen confronted Mexican soldiers, who came to the town to take back a small cannon Mexico had given the colonists as defense against hostile native Americans.

The Texians refused to give it up — “Come and take it,” they said!

So 100 Mexican soldiers were sent to retrieve the cannon. The Texians kept their cannon by force of arms, and less than a year later, on April 21, 1836, Texas won its independence at San Jacinto.

So today, like our forefathers, we say, “Come and take it!” to all of those anti-gun groups and politicians who seek to disarm us.

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