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College Campus Carry Now Legal At Public Institutions In Kansas

Elliot Hall on Wichita State University campus
Elliot Hall on Wichita State University campus.

As of July 1, 2017, concealed carry is legal on public college and university campuses in Kansas.

Actually, the law allowing concealed carry on campuses was passed in 2013, but Kansas public colleges and universities had been exempt until this year.  Kansas does issue concealed carry permits, but in 2015 state law made concealed carry legal without a permit, frequently called “Constitutional carry,” as long as the carrier could legally own firearms and was over 21 years old. 

Under the campus carry laws, according the Kansas City Star, “Students can carry a concealed gun in campus buildings except those with ‘adequate security measures’ such as metal detectors and armed security guards….Most other universities do not have the security measures in place permanently, but could set them up temporarily for special events with large crowds. Students can have guns in their dorms. Professors cannot bar students from bringing them to class or labs.”

Not surprisingly, anti-gun activists predicted “blood in the streets” scenarios with students shooting up campuses.  Meanwhile, two universities professors resigned over the issue and the head football coach at the University of Kansas publicly stated that he didn’t want his players practicing concealed carry.   

However, “Lots of Kansas students grew up around firearms and are comfortable around them, said Cale Ostby, 27, a Wichita State University student. Some, including Ostby, already carry a concealed gun off campus.”

“It’s insane that I can carry everywhere else except school,” said Ostby, who is also president of Wichita State Students for Concealed Carry. 

Kansas is among ten states that allow concealed carry on its public college campuses. —By Brian McCombie, Contributor, Texas & U.S. Law Shield blog

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