Children and Guns: What is the Law of Firearm Storage in Oklahoma?

Protecting our children is the fundamental reason many of us own and carry our firearms. Securing those firearms in our homes is just as important as understanding how to use them in the outside world. Let’s take a look at the laws in your state regarding securing firearms from children.

There is no law specific to a childproof standard in Oklahoma. There are no criminal penalties when a child, against the wishes of the parents, willfully gains access to prohibited weapons. Adults are prohibited from intentionally, recklessly, or knowingly permitting a minor to possess any of the prohibited weapons found in section 1272. Parents cannot be criminally sanctioned or punished by the law if a child uses a gun in self-defense.

However, civil liability may attach against the parent who should negligently allow a gun that is stored in the house to fall in the hands of the child. What does that mean? It means if you take some steps to store your firearm and put it in a cabinet without a lock on it, leave it in your purse, leave it in your briefcase, leave it in a backpack, leave it in a drawer, or right by your bed, and a child should obtain it and use it, and injure someone or himself, there is definitely a possibility for a charge of negligence against the adult who allows that to happen.

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