Children and Guns: What is the Law of Firearm Storage in Georgia?

Protecting our children is the fundamental reason many of us own and carry our firearms. Securing those firearms in our homes is just as important as understanding how to use them in the outside world. Let’s take a look at the laws in your state regarding securing firearms from children.

What is the law on storing firearms to prevent access by children in Georgia? 

What is the law on storing firearms away from children in Georgia? Is there a specific statute that requires you to store your firearms in a certain fashion? And what are the penalties for a juvenile in possession of a handgun? Moreover, can a mother, father, or legal guardian be charged with a crime if a juvenile or a child uses a firearm in self defense?

There is no definitive statute that requires you store your firearms away from children. There’s no law that says this is how you must store it, this is where you must store it, it must be locked, and it must be away from children.

In Georgia, a juvenile (someone under the age of 18) cannot possess a handgun. If the juvenile does, a first offense is a misdemeanor, a second offense is a felony. If your juvenile is at his or her home and with your permission uses a handgun to defend himself or herself (or any other person or the habitation) by the use of deadly force, then they are excepted from that rule. Now, a parent or legal guardian could be charged, if, through recklessness or a conscious disregard, they are found to be in violation of the law and violation of the reckless conduct law because they have conscientiously disregarded a substantial risk that that child would retrieve that firearm.

Don’t forget that you may also be sued for civil torts such as negligence and loss of affection if you allow a child to obtain a firearm through negligence. So, in other words, there’s no definitive statute, but there could be potential criminal and civil penalties if you allow a child, through your own negligence or recklessness, to obtain a firearm.

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