Chicago Uber Driver Defends Self and Others

Law Shield notes that a defensive shooting incident in Chicago, involving a legally-armed Uber driver who intervened when a gunman opened fire on a crowd in Logan Square, could not have happened without a concealed carry law that was passed by the Illinois Legislature.

No charges will be filed against the unidentified Uber driver, who had a concealed carry permit. Media reports said he used either a shotgun or a handgun to stop the alleged shooter, a 22-year-old man who now faces criminal prosecution.

When the suspect opened fire, the Uber driver was able to defend himself and others by quickly drawing his firearm and wounding the gunman. This is a textbook example of an armed citizen using his legally-carried firearm to protect his fellow citizens from violent attack.

The widely-reported incident could not have happened without the federal lawsuit called Moore v. Madigan, which forced Illinois to adopt a concealed carry statute allowing law-abiding citizens to be armed. Click here for background on the case.

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