Chicago Groups Sue Suburbs for Lax Gun Regulation

Law Shield was surprised to see a lawsuit that claims gun control is a civil right, rather than the plain language of the 2nd Amendment.

The details: In early July, Father Michael Pfleger, the Coalition for Safe Communities in Chicago, and other anti-gun agitators filed suit against the Chicago-area villages of Lincolnwood, Lyons, and Riverdale, alleging those suburb communities are “in violation of the Illinois Civil Rights Act…” because they don’t regulate their gun stores properly.

Further, the suit asks that the court issue an injunction requiring the three communities to strengthen their regulation of gun stores.

The plaintiffs want the courts to force Riverdale, Lyons, and Lincolnwood to perform “background checks of store employees, have safety plans approved by the police to deter theft, train employees to identify straw purchasers, and keep a log of a store’s gun sales in which the weapon was recovered in a crime.”

And the plaintiffs claim this is a civil-rights matter because: “In violation of Section 5 of the Illinois Civil Rights Act failure of the defendant villages to use effective methods of administration—or the continued use of lax methods in licensing their dealers—has a racially disparate and terrible effect on the communities in which plaintiffs and the members of the plaintiff organization live and has the effect of discriminating against plaintiffs because of race.”

An attorney for Lincolnwood, stated that the village cannot find “any conceivable basis for liability” on the part of the village.

The video above is from a Chicago station that appears slanted towards the plaintiff’s side, but it still gives Law Shield members more background on this legal effort.

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