Carrying at a Sporting Event: What You Need to Know | Missouri

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Let’s talk about whether or not you can carry a firearm to a sporting event in Missouri. Missouri law provides that you cannot carry a firearm into an arena or stadium. That generally means you cannot carry a firearm to a professional sporting event.

Professional Sports

If you’re a concealed carry permit holder, the law applies to you a little differently than to someone who is not a concealed carry permit holder. If you were to accidentally carry your firearm into a sports arena, what would happen? Well, if someone finds out that you have that concealed carry firearm with you, you could be asked to leave. If you refuse to leave, you could be cited for trespassing and fined a maximum of $100. You would not be considered to have committed a criminal offense.

College, Public, and Private School Sporting Events

Now, what about college sports? College sports are a school activity, and in Missouri, firearms are prohibited at institutions of higher learning as well as K through twelve institutions. Whether or not this sporting event takes place on campus doesn’t matter. If it’s a school sponsored, school-sanctioned activity, whether it takes place at the school or at a park, you’re not allowed to bring firearms to that activity.

The same rules apply to both public and private schools. Again, if it’s a school-sponsored event, the general rule is that you cannot bring firearms to that activity. If you have permission from the governing body of the school, then you can be allowed to carry a firearm to that school-sponsored activity if you have a concealed carry permit.

You may ask the question, “What if my child belongs to a club sports team? One that’s not directly affiliated with the school?” If it’s truly a private club and it’s not affiliated with the school, so it’s not a school-sponsored activity, and let’s say that team meets at the park, can you carry your firearm concealed to the park? If you’re otherwise eligible to carry concealed, then absolutely, you may.

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