Carrying at a Sporting Event: What You Need to Know | Florida

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Professional Sports

One of the many advantages of living in the Sunshine State is that Florida has an abundance of professional and college sporting events to attend. Whether you’re interested in attending a Tampa Bay Bucks game, Orlando Magic basketball game, or watching the Florida Gators play, it is important to know the law regarding carrying your firearms at these sporting events.

Unfortunately, for those sports fans who carry, under Florida law you will not be allowed to carry your firearm while attending any sporting event in Florida unless that sporting event involves firearms and you are participating.

School Sports

Florida Statute 790.06(12) (a) subsection 9 expressly forbids an individual from open or concealed carry of a firearm into any school, college, or professional athletic event not related to firearms.

One question we frequently get asked is “If I go to a high school football game at night when the school is closed, can I carry?” The answer is no.

You cannot carry a firearm to an elementary, secondary, high school, or even college sporting event regardless if it’s during non-school hours, or if the school is out for summer. This prohibition applies to both public and private schools. Furthermore, you still cannot carry to the school sporting event even if the sporting event takes place off school property.

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